Safety light curtain

Infrared protection device

The infrared protection device generates a protective light curtain by emitting infrared radiation. When the light curtain is obstructed, the device sends out a shading signal to control the potentially dangerous mechanical equipment to stop working and avoid safety accidents.

  • STM series
  • 10-24VDC
  • IP65
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  • Safety grating is also known as photoelectric protection device (also known as safety protector, punching machine protector, infrared safety protection device, etc.) In modern chemical plants, humans and machines work together, which can easily cause personal injury to workers in potentially hazardous mechanical equipment such as stamping machinery, shearing equipment, metal cutting equipment, automated assembly lines, automated welding lines, mechanical conveying and handling equipment, and hazardous areas (toxic, high-pressure, high-temperature, etc.)


Safety light curtain







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