Safety light curtain

No blind spot safety grating

Installing blind spot free safety gratings can effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, avoid the danger of operators and third parties, reduce the overall cost of accidents, and benefit the company itself, operators, and society.

  • LCM series
  • 10-24VDC
  • IP65
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  • The two-stage deviation switch is widely used in various fields such as metallurgy, coal, cement building materials, mining, power, ports, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc., including conventional belt conveyors, underground cable support belt conveyors, ship loading and unloading systems, stacking/reclaiming conveyors, inclined and shuttle conveyors, cranes, excavators, boom limiters, skirt feeders, and other types of conveyors.


Safety light curtain

Safety grating is also known as photoelectric protection device (also known as safety protector, punching machine protector, infrared safety protection device, etc.) In modern chemical plants, humans and machines work together, which can easily cause personal injury to workers in potentially hazardous mechanical equipment such as stamping machinery, shearing equipment, metal cutting equipment, automated assembly lines, automated welding lines, mechanical conveying and handling equipment, and hazardous areas (toxic, high-pressure, high-temperature, etc.)< Br/>
The photoelectric safety device generates a protective light curtain by emitting infrared radiation. When the light curtain is obstructed, the device sends out a shading signal to control potentially dangerous mechanical equipment to stop working and avoid safety accidents< Br/>
Installing photoelectric safety protection devices can effectively prevent safety accidents, avoid the dangers of operators and third parties, reduce the overall cost of accidents, and benefit the company itself, operators, and society< Br/>

Installation precautions

When installing the light curtain, it must be installed in the protected area, and the screws must be tightened to prevent loosening. After installation, it is necessary to check whether the wiring is correct before powering on. When there is no obstruction in the light curtain, the light receiver will light up green, and when it is obstructed, it will light up red. The digital display will show the current obstructed high point. After being powered on, it must undergo strict debugging before use< Br/>

Light Emitter
Composed of several light-emitting units, emitting infrared light< Br/>
Light receiver

The safety light curtain is composed of several light receiving units, which receive infrared light and correspond with the light emitting device to form a protective light curtain. It generates light passing and shading signals, which are transmitted to the controller through signal cables< Br/>
The infrared safety grating emitter emits infrared light to the receiver, forming an infrared protective light curtain. When an object passes by or is obstructed, the receiver processes the light curtain's shading status. The NPN/PNP transistor outputs a signal to the PLC or to achieve mechanical shutdown or safety alarm< Br/>


(1) For a press where the slider can brake and stop at any position of the stroke, full protection can be achieved, or it can be combined with a cam switch to achieve protection of the stroke between 30 degrees and 180 degrees< Br/>
(2) For a press where the slider cannot brake and stop at any position of the stroke, the upper dead center protection can only be achieved during a single operation. That is, after the previous stroke ends, the next stroke has not been started. If the photoelectric protection device is in a dark state, the next stroke cannot be started (sufficient safety distance must be ensured)< Br/>
(3) This device is mainly used in forging machinery equipment< Br/>
(4) Used for industrial robotic arms, injection molding machines, packaging equipment, paper cutting machinery, filter presses, automation equipment, welding and assembly processes< Br/>
(5) Can be used for detection and theft prevention< Br/>



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