Safety light curtain

GRM series Safety grating

safety light curtains operate at similar optical frequencies on the infrared spectrum, interference can occur between systems if multiple safety light curtains are used nearby, which could result in a hazardous situation.

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  • Safety light curtains have emerged as a revolutionary technology that effectively protects employees and prevents accidents in high-risk environments. But how do they function, and why are they necessary? This guide will lead you on a tour of the inner workings of safety light curtains, illuminating their fundamental principles and highlighting their distinctive benefits. We will go through the different types of available safety light curtains, their installation procedure, and how they can be integrated into your existing safety systems.


Safety light curtain

Laser Beam Coding
Because safety light curtains operate at similar optical frequencies on the infrared spectrum, interference can occur between systems if multiple safety light curtains are used nearby, which could result in a hazardous situation.
Some light safety curtains feature beam coding so that a receiver can distinguish the beams from a specific transmitter without being affected by a nearby device. When beam coding is activated, however, the response time and range of the safety light curtain may be impacted, and this should be considered as it may affect the minimal safety distance.
Permitting Material Flow – Pattern Recognition
Some safety light curtains are capable of performing intricate algorithms on individual beams. It can detect whether the rays are blocked, which beams are blocked, and in what order.
The Safety light curtain can detect patterns, objects, and directions without compromising safety, allowing known patterns to enter and exit the light curtain's detection zone. Furthermore, no additional sensors or control are required.
This full function can dramatically improve accessibility and security, enabling materials to pass through.
Each resolution variety has a minimum safety distance to hazard mounting location recommended for optimal protection.   This distance should be determined based on the pace at which a person could approach the hazard and the machine's stopping time.

The 20mm resolution Safety light curtain in Zhuoxin ZTA-SR series may provide a higher level of protection due to its smaller detection capability.However, it may have a slightly slower response time than the 40 mm resolution variant.  Nevertheless, choosing Omron safety light curtains is beneficial due to their reliability, high-quality materials, and innovative technology.
Where are Safety light curtain used?
Safety light curtain are used in various industries and environments where safety is paramount, especially where human interaction with machinery or other potentially hazardous equipment is conceivable.   Here are several examples:
Elevators: Safety light curtain are utilized in elevators to detect any obstruction in the doorway.   It prevents the doors from closing on someone or something.
Industrial Automation: They are utilized on assembly lines, presses, robotic stations, and numerous other automated systems to safeguard employees from harm.
Warehouses: Safety light curtain assure safety at automatic gates, conveyor belts, and palletizers in warehouses.
Medical and Pharmaceutical: In specific high-speed automated pharmaceutical production or medical diagnostic equipment, Safety light curtain can prevent injuries.
Amusement Parks: In some amusement park rides where riders' limbs could extend out of the ride, Safety light curtain detect such incidents and halt the passage if necessary.

How do you choose safety light curtains?
Resolution or Detection Capability: A light curtain's resolution refers to the tiniest object size it can detect.   Higher resolutions (smaller number i.e. 14mm) allow for the detection of smaller objects.   The slightest potential hazard should determine the key.
Range of Operation: The maximum and minimum distances a light curtain can cover.   It must correspond to where you intend to install the safety light curtain.
Response Time: The light curtain's response time is crucial for safety. It refers to the rate at which the Safety light curtain can signal to halt the machine if the light barrier is breached.   It must be quicker than the machine it is protecting from stopping time.
Environment: The operating environment should be considered.For example, a light curtain with more robust protection may be required in dusty or unclean environments.   Some light curtains are designed for environments with frequent washdown procedures, such as food production facilities
Safety light curtains have many international standards which can be followed to ensure compliance with the local laws and Regulations.   These include, but are not limited to, CSA Z432 and CSA Z434 in Canada,  ANSI B11.19 and OSHA standards in the United States and ISO 13855, ISO 13857 and EN 61496 in Europe.
Installation and Maintenance Ease: The light curtain must be simple to install and maintain.   Self-diagnostic capabilities can be advantageous for equipment maintenance.
Reputation and Support of the Manufacturer: Finally, purchasing products from reputable manufacturers that provide excellent customer service and warranties is always a good idea.    It ensures that you can access support if you experience any issues with the product.



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